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19 Celebrities Reveal Their Secret Celebrity Crushes (PHOTOS)

Celebrities Kimberly Goad Nov 12, 2015

We all have big-screen crushes. Turns out some Hollywood stars are also smitten with other celebrities, too, and some of their choices are, to say the least, surprising.

Check out these 19 celebrities who revealed their (not-so-secret) crush.


Images via Splash News

Images via Splash News

1Marc Jacobs & David Cassidy

"I had a crush on David Cassidy, from The Partridge Family, when I was a kid," Marc Jacobs revealed in Harper's Bazaar. "He was hot. That shaggy haircut."

Images via Splash News

3Kristen Stewart & Harrison Ford

Turns out Kristen Stewart has a thing for much older men; the Twilight star has confessed that she used to have it bad for Harrison Ford.

Images via Splash News

6Karlie Kloss & Eli Manning

"I'm a total fan of Eli Manning," Karlie Kloss told Harper's Bazaar. "He's married, but I'm a big football fan, so I'm always rooting for him."

Images via Splash News

9Diane Keaton & Channing Tatum

Diane Keaton has said one of her biggest desires is to marry Channing Tatum.

Images via Splash News

10Debbie Harry & Jon Stewart

"I love Jon Stewart," Debbie Harry told Harper's Bazaar. "He's so bright and funny and I really appreciate his wonderful attitude."

Images via Splash News

11Carey Mulligan & Mario Lopez

Carey Mulligan has said that Mario Lopez makes her weak in the knees.

Images via Splash News

13Lena Dunham & Jimmy Fallon

Lena Dunham had such a big crush on Jimmy Fallon when she was a teenager that she wrote a play about how the two of them fell in love.

Images via Splash News

14Jennifer Lawrence & Larry David

Jennifer Lawrence confessed to having a thing for Larry David in the 2014 issue of Vanity Fair. "I'm in love with him and I have been for a really long time," she said. 

Images via Splash News

15Ashton Kutcher & Jennifer Aniston

Ashton Kutcher had such a big crush on Jennifer Aniston that he once asked Brad Pitt (Jen's ex) for permission to take her out on a date. She said no.

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17Matthew McConaughey & Susan Sarandon

"Susan Sarandon is still, to this day, one of the sexiest women," Matthew McConaughey told W Magazine.

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18Jack Black & Amy Poehler

Jack Black has said he's had a crush on Amy Poehler ever since he saw her on Conan.


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