Kendall Jenner's Sisters Were Forbidden to Attend Her Fashion Show Debut

kendall jennerKendall Jenner is a Victoria's Secret Angel! This is major. Majorly major. So major that Kendall banned her sisters from attending the show. Wow! What?! Kendall told the New York Daily News that there was just too much pressure on her and she only wanted her mom and dad there -- and so the sisters K were forbidden, and Kendall's big debut as a VS Angel brought together Kris and Caitlyn.


I'm slightly shocked that Kendall didn't want her sisters there -- they are like a tribe, and really support one another through everything. But the reason she didn't want them there had nothing to do with bad blood or anything. No drama at all. It's because she feared the circus of media that would surround them all. I can understand how the media insanity that follows the Kardashians around made Kendall feel a little nervous. Imagine if Kim, Kanye, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kylie were all there? In addition to Kris and Caitlyn? Majorly bananas. How would she be able to walk in those heels while nearly nekkid?!

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This all shows how seriously Kendall takes her job -- and I love it. She's got a good head on her shoulders, this kid. (And amazing legs, too -- my word -- those legs!) Despite the fact that they weren't all "allowed" to attend, they were all super proud. Heck, I'm proud, too. Amazing, Kendall!

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Interestingly, momager Kris brought along her boyfriend Corey Gamble. But instead of an awkward hang-out, Kris and Caitlyn all made nice and even shared a big hug hello. We've got to hand it to this family -- they really stick together no matter what.


Image via Anthony J. Causi/Splash News

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