Lamar Odom's Jealous Side Comes Out as Khloe Kardashian's Love Life Heats Up

Now that he appears to be on the mend, supposedly Lamar Odom is asking about Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend James Harden. He's asking so many questions, one might speculate he's jealous.


Khloe has made it very clear that she and Lamar have called off their divorce purely out of concern for his health so that she can help make medical decisions for him when necessary. Initially, it also sounded like she was going to take a break from Houston Rockets player James, but recently the two have been spotted together again.

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We're really happy to hear that Khloe and James are still hanging out. As much as it's really important to her that she's there for Lamar as he works to regain his health, Khloe needs to make sure she's taking care of herself as well. Since it doesn't sound like she really sees a future left with Lamar, it's nice to see her continuing to date James, and props to him for hanging in there during a seriously awkward situation.

As for Lamar, it's totally natural if the former NBA player is jealous of Khloe's new man. Not only has he appeared to want his wife back well before the Nevada brothel incident that put him in the hospital, but James is also in the prime of his career, while Lamar's is over.

We feel for Lamar and Khloe, but hopefully her ex can get the help he needs to make a full recovery and move on in the future.


Image via All Access Photo Group/Splash News

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