Gavin Rossdale Allegedly Cheated on Gwen Stefani With the Nanny

 Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale split after nearly 13 years of marriageIf you were starting to feel a little sorry for Gavin Rossdale in light of his now-ex-wife's hot new romance ... um, you can stop now. According to an explosive new report, Gavin cheated on Gwen Stefani with their nanny. And it allegedly went on for a lonnnnng time...


How long, you ask? THREE YEARS! OMG.

According to one of those "insiders" that always seem to be lurking around Hollywood, the couple's 13-year marriage ended once Gwen finally got hip to Gavin's three-year sexual relationship with the family's longtime nanny, Mindy Mann. That time frame means the affair would have been taking place while Gwen was pregnant with the couple's youngest son, Apollo, now 20 months. (They also have Kingston, 9, and Zuma, 7.)


Gwen reportedly found out about this age-old tale thanks to modern technology: explicit texts and nude photos on the family iPad.

And again: Ugh!

"The iPad was linked to Gavin’s phone," a "family source" tells Us Weekly. "One of the other nannies discovered the exchange and told Gwen."   

(Side note: How many nannies do these people have?)

Gwen's discovery -- and ensuing confrontation with her husband -- supposedly went down last February, which makes sense based on Gwen's most recent comments about her divorce. (She told KIIS FM's JoJo Wright that her life "blew up last February," but she wouldn't reveal any details about why, exactly.)

Gavin reportedly somehow tried to deny the affair (calling it a "flirtation" .... um, okay) at the time. But a few months later, the story is that he finally confessed and Gwen pulled the plug on their marriage.

Ugh, ugh, ugh! Is there ANYONE worse than the nanny to choose as your affair partner? It's just such a cliché ... and at the same time, such an awful betrayal. This is the person you bring into your home, and have faith in that they'll care for your children. It's the ultimate trust, and the ultimate betrayal.

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Supposedly Gavin's confession "completely devastated" Gwen: "She was mortified, livid, and embarrassed," says Us Weekly's source.

Well, that's totally understandable, but can we all agree on something here? SHE'S not the one who should be embarrassed!

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