Prince Charles Looks Shocked at the Sight of Camilla Holding a Knife (PHOTO)

They've been together for a really long time and have seen and experienced everything as a couple, but rarely do we see Prince William's dad and stepmom share a humorous, slightly naughty moment. A new, frighteningly funny photo of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, holding up a knife in front of Prince Charles has emerged from their trip to Australia and has everyone wondering: What's the story behind it?


The royal couple are touring New Zealand and Australia, mostly in an effort to promote rural living, highlight the problems farmers face, and encourage people to buy local produce whenever possible. They stopped off at a winery in Australia, where they were given sample wines from barrels that were named after them and matched their birth years.

In the midst of all the fun, Camilla and Charles were shown local crafts, one of which was an eight-inch steel knife created by cutler Barry Gardner. The duchess was so giddy and beside herself that Charles quipped, "Behave yourself," and the photo has been making the rounds ever since:

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Charles and Camilla have been together for such a long time — they reportedly met in 1972 and were romantically linked for decades before the public accepted Camilla as part of the royal family. Given their familiarity with each other, it's natural to think they have a lot of off-camera, quirky, and fun ordinary-couple moments like this one, but it's always nice to see them let loose together.

It may have taken a while for Charles and Camilla to finally get to live their lives as a married couple, but it's pretty obvious they were destined to be together — and they still seem to be really enjoying each other's company.


Image via Robert Wallace/Splash News

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