15 Kate Middleton Moments Princess Diana Would've Been Proud Of (PHOTOS)

Amy Goldman | Nov 17, 2015 Celebrities
15 Kate Middleton Moments Princess Diana Would've Been Proud Of (PHOTOS)

Prince William’s late mother Diana was the epitome of kindness and grace, so it seems fitting that Wills would choose the classiest of ladies as his life partner. We’re talking of course about Kate Middleton, a woman we’re sure Diana would have adored for so many reasons.

From her involvement with multiple charities to her advocacy for children’s health care and her dedication as a mother and a wife, Kate reflects the qualities that made Princess Diana such a beloved member of the royal family. There are a lot of things we love about Kate, and the ways she follows in Diana's footsteps while being an inspiration in her own right are at the top of our list. Click through for some of Kate’s finest moments that we think Diana would have been proud to see!


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  • Giving Kids a Chance


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    Kate demonstrated her commitment to advocating for children's mental health care when she attended a Chance UK event last month. According Gracia McGrath, the charity's chief executive, "This isn't someone smiling and nodding. She is asking intelligent questions and knows what happens when children go off the rails and go off the rails early." Kate displays the kind of charitable spirit that Diana would have loved to see in a daughter-in-law.

  • Team Player


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    Kate and George are always there to cheer Wills on from the sidelines at his polo matches. Kate looks so proud of Wills every time he's on the field. We imagine Diana would be so happy to see what a wonderful support system her son has in Kate.

  • My Big Fat British Wedding


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    We can't get over how lovely and genuinely thrilled Kate looked at the royal wedding. She looked positively giddy to be marrying William. It would make any mum's heart melt to see how gorgeous and in love her son's bride looked on their wedding day.

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  • Three's Company


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    After the royal wedding, William and Harry changed the name of their personal charity to The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The name change signifies the important role Kate plays in the royal family's charity work. As a patron of eight charities, Kate honors Diana's legacy of philanthropy.

  • The People's Princess


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    During her visit to East Anglia's Children's Hospices to meet with terminally ill children, Kate spoke to a grieving mother who told her about the heartbreaking experience of losing her infant daughter. Kate displayed so much compassion and maturity when she comforted her by saying, "You're a very brave lady, and again, I'm just so, so sorry." Much like Diana, Kate demonstrates her good nature in even the smallest, most personal moments.

  • All in the Family


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    Kate understands how important it is for Will to stay connected with Diana's family. Apparently the couple brought Prince George when they visited Diana's eldest sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, on the anniversary of Diana's passing. Kate finds such sweet ways to let Will know she's there for him through thick and thin.

  • A Simple Thank-You


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    Diana was known as "the People's Princess" for a reason, and Kate displays the type of graciousness that Diana would have been proud of. After the birth of Prince George, Kate and William released a joint statement thanking the hospital staff for "the tremendous care the three of us have received." It was such a classy gesture that showed Kate appreciated all of the hard work that went into ensuring the safe delivery of her newborn.

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  • Saturday in the Park


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    We think Diana would appreciate the effort Kate devotes to giving George and Charlotte the most normal childhoods possible given their circumstances, like when she took George to the park for a sweet low-key playdate. Kate doesn't let the glamorous, public aspects of being a royal get in the way of being a devoted mother to her adorable kiddos.

  • World's Classiest Wingman


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    We think Diana would be relieved to know that Kate’s looking out for her other son, Harry. It’s adorable enough that Kate’s reportedly offering her matchmaking services to the bachelor prince, but we especially love how much fun it looks like these two have together. 

  • Teachable Moments


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    Kate is raising Diana's grandson right by taking him on educational field trips, including a recent excursion to London's Natural History Museum. It looks like Kate is taking all the right steps to help George develop into a scientifically curious, well-rounded little guy. 

  • Boogie on Down in Tuvalu


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    Kate looked like she had the time of her life at the Vaiku Falekaupule ceremony in Tuvalu. She visited Tuvalu with William during their Diamond Jubilee tour. An important part of Diana's legacy was her global humanitarian work, so she'd be pleased to see that Kate shares her passion for global awareness.

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  • That Military Wife Life


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    Diana would've loved to see how Kate supported Will through his years of serving in the Royal Air Force (RAF). Kate even wrote a forward to a book called Living in the Sliptstream: Life as an RAF Wife. It must have been a difficult and uncertain experience for Kate, especially when she was pregnant with George, but she supported Wills during his years of service and continues to do so with his current role as an Air Ambulance Pilot. 

  • Who Run the World? Girls


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    Like Diana, Kate is her own person and advocates for the causes that are important to her. Kate attended a gala for 100 Women in Hedge Funds, a nonprofit that raises money to provide health care, career guidance, and education for women and their families. Kate's also a patron of the organization.

  • Here's Looking at You, Kid


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    Kate's commitment to promoting children's health care would've made Diana proud. When Kate visited Shooting Star House Children's Hospice, she comforted kids with debilitating illnesses by entertaining them with a frog puppet and had heartfelt conversations with their parents. As a patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, Kate clearly takes children's wellness seriously.

  • Stand by Me


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    We admire Kate for how she supports Wills through even the most difficult moments, and we bet Diana would, too. Kate stood by her husband's side when he spoke to families at a UK bereavement charity and shared some details about the loss of his mother. Wills comforted those families in their time of grief, and Kate was there for him as he remembered his late mother.

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