Princess Diana's Ex Tries to Sell Intimate Letters She Sent Him

princess dianaEyebrows are raising over the intentions of Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt after it was reported that he was getting quotes on how much collectors would pay for letters Diana and Prince William wrote to him. There are reportedly eight personal letters and 32 cards. Hewitt insists he was just getting a quote, but intimate details from those letters have been released.


A source told People that Hewitt really has no intention of selling the letters, which were said to be worth $150,000. It's a bit bizarre, this collecting business, but it's exactly that ... a business. Hewitt, who was a cavalry officer in the British Army, had a relationship with Diana in the late '80s. Prince Charles reportedly was having an affair with Camilla, while Diana took up with Hewitt.

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While Hewitt insists he was just seeing how much the letters would go for, details that were in these writings were revealed. Some are sweet and innocent -- Diana thanks him for Christmas gifts and for being her friend, but interestingly she also said in one note, "I think you are very brave to take this demented lady on." Why is she calling herself "demented"? I suppose the whole thing was very complicated. In another, she wrote, "I just hope that you weren't too shocked or horribly disappointed in me."

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There are Valentine's Day cards, talk of drinking champagne together, and notes of love. She told him that the house feels "very empty" without him around and that she loves him "more than anything else in the world." There is also a birthday card and thank-you note to Hewitt from a 6-year-old Prince William in which Diana's son thanks Hewitt for letting him play on his tank and see his guns.

All of it feels very soap opera -- these are just letters shared at a time when there was a relationship going on. But because there are royals involved, they have a price tag -- and a hefty one at that. Still, Hewitt defends himself, saying he was just seeing how much they would go for and that he really didn't want to sell them at all. I hope that's true, but if he does decide to sell, I hope he gives proceeds to some of Diana's favorite charities. That's the only way this wouldn't feel hurtful.


Image via NY Post/Splash News

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