Khloe Kardashian & James Harden Hold Hands -- Lamar Who? (VIDEO)

khloe kardashianLamar who? On Sunday, Khloe Kardashian and James Harden were spotted holding hands in Los Angeles. The pair were caught on camera in Hollywood after attending a private concert at Lure nightclub. In the video, they seem like they're trying to make their way to their car unnoticed, but, you know, being that Khloe's a Kardashian, that's just not possible.


TMZ (of course) caught the couple as they walked down the street. James grabs Khloe's hand as the cameras swarm them. Check it out:

Certainly seems like these two are together. Good for them! If they can get through everything that's been going on with Lamar, they can get through pretty much anything. Khloe looks happy, and man, that James is one understanding guy. 

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There were so many jokes made when Khloe rushed to be by Lamar's side after he was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel. Twitter pretty much exploded after it was reported that Khloe and Lamar canceled their divorce, all but calling Khloe a complete moron for "getting back together" with Lamar. But clearly, Khloe is just being supportive -- not getting back involved with her ex. From the looks of things, she knows what she's doing, and good for James for being there for her, as well. 

Best of luck to Khloe and James. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that once Lamar is out of the hospital, he's not going to be happy about this. 


Image via khloekardashian/Instagram

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