Caitlyn Jenner Sends Another Birthday Wish to Kris -- From the Bathtub (VIDEO)

The Kardashians are a family that knows how to party, and during a video montage, Caitlyn Jenner wished Kris a happy birthday from a bathtub.


Apparently that sweet tweet she sent her ex last week wasn't enough, because Caitlyn is literally buried in bubbles with a glass of champagne as she sings out, "I love my friends," to Kris in a video.

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Cait's shout-out was clearly a throwback to the ah-mazing video Kris made back in the day set to the tune of "I Love L.A." Instead she changed it to "I Love My Friends" in the most awesomely '80s way. If you've never seen it, let us acquaint you with this gem.

And now here's Caitlyn (she is seriously a good sport).

From the cheers, it sounds like everyone loved seeing Caitlyn pop up in the montage shown at Kris's Great Gatsby–themed party. And we love seeing her have fun for the sake of family. These people have been through so much together, it's nice to see them laugh at themselves every once in a while.


Image via Said Elatab/Splash News

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