Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Fighting Over … North's Hair?

Couples can find a way to argue over just about anything, but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are fighting over North's hair.


Radar is reporting that Kim is super controlling over North's "look" (because in Hollywood, 2-year-olds have a style) and wants her strands pulled back into a sleek bun at all times. Now, if you've ever worn your hair in a topknot for hours on end, you know that it can get uncomfortable, especially if pulled too tight. Apparently North has complained about the pain, but Kim dismisses it.

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Kanye, on the other hand, doesn't want North to hurt and is happier when her curly locks are allowed to be loose. The tension over the issue is heating up between mom and dad, but Kim won't give in.

We are sure that Kim is not trying to make North uncomfortable on purpose. It can be just as annoying for little kids when their hair is constantly in their face, so that's probably something that factors into Kim's styling choices for the little girl. Personally, we think a couple of well-placed barrettes could do the trick, but no one is asking us.

Clearly North is adorable both when her hair is allowed to look natural and when it's pulled back into her signature bun. We're sure that as the famous tot gets older, she'll become more vocal about what she likes, and it will be less about what Kim and Kanye want her to do with her hair.


Image via Splash News

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