Gisele Bundchen Releases Book 'Gisele' That Only She's Rich Enough to Buy

Gisele Bundchen book launchIn an uplifting story of adversity against all odds, Gisele Bündchen's $700 coffee table book sold out before it even hit the shelves! Only 1,000 copies of the book, cleverly titled Gisele, were printed, so, no, you can't have one.


Now, before your eyes roll completely into the back of your head and get stuck there permanently, take note: The glamazon supermodel is donating all of the proceeds from her book to charity.

And, she's very grateful her book sold out! See, you can tell from looking at her Instagram!

Namaste, Gisele.

Just what is in this $700 book? Many, many, MANY photographs of -- you guessed it -- Gisele. To be precise, the coffee table book, published by Taschen, contains 300 images and includes shots from 74 photographers like Steven Meisel and Mario Testino. According to Taschen, "The breathtaking image collection is accompanied by an introduction by Steven Meisel and tributes from Gisele's closest friends, family, and fashion leaders, who shed light on how and why she has become one of the greatest models of all time."

Think you've seen every shot of Gisele there is to see? Think again! Just so you don't get bored, the book also contains a whopping 43 "unseen" images, according to a sneak peek "The Body" posted a few days before the launch (beware, it's slightly risqué!):

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Are you crying because you can't have one of these books? Well, we just checked Taschen's website, and it does appear that in 2016, you can have one for the new and improved price of $1,000!

Gisele book

So start saving your pennies!


Image via Master Vision/Splash News

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