Kim Kardashian's Tight Lace Jumpsuit Shows Off Every Inch of Her (PHOTO)

kim kardashianWe should all be so lucky! Kim Kardashian flaunted her baby bump in a black lace pantsuit over the weekend at LACMA's 2015 Art + Film Gala. Kim, unsurprisingly, looked absolutely beautiful, but yowza! This isn't a typical third trimester getup!


The black lace outfit Kim donned had a nude underlayer, giving the appearance that she was, well, nude. Kim looked beautiful and I've gotta hand it to her: She certainly hasn't sacrificed style for comfort this pregnancy. (Again.)

kim kardashian

While most women would be curling up at home in a pair of cozy sweats at this point in pregnancy, Kim is still out and about, making appearances, going to parties, and working the red carpet. In heels. Not sure how she's managing to do that while still looking good, but it's impressive as hell. 

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After Kim gives birth, she's likely going to go into hiding for a little while, as she did with North -- partly so she can relax and spend time with her sweet baby, and probably partly so she can make a grand entrance when she's ready to be "back." So, perhaps Kim is getting in as much socializing and publicity now while she can.  

Who knows? All I know is that Kim essentially has pulled off the impossible: Looking chic in a black lace, tight jumpsuit a few weeks before giving birth. #respect

kim kardashian


Images via XactpiX/Splash News; AXELLE WOUSSEN/ News

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