Donald Trump Gets Called a 'Racist' on 'SNL' -- by Larry David! (VIDEO)

donald trump snlWell, it actually happened: In spite of all the protests and general outcry, presidential hopeful Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live last night. And guess what? The whole thing was pretty entertaining, as train wrecks tend to be, thanks mostly to the long-suffering cast members and one very notable celebrity cameo: Larry David, of course.


Trump's opening monologue (which writers wisely kept pretty brief) was actually going pretty well already -- seeing Trump flanked by impersonators Darrell Hammond and Taran Killam was oddly satisfying, and Aidy Bryant's willingness to be compared to Rosie O'Donnell made Trump look like a "major loser." But then, from the audience, a shout: "You're a racist! Trump's a racist!" For a split second, it seemed as if an anti-Trump viewer just couldn't hold back. But nope! It was Larry David (who'd just delivered yet another pitch-perfect Bernie Sanders impression). Check it out:

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Way to go, Larry! Hey, somebody had to say it. And while we certainly didn't know what to expect from Trump's appearance, at least the show didn't shy away from making fun of the Republican candidate. Now when is Hillary's turn?


Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube

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