Ashley Olsen Shows Former TV Dad Bob Saget Some Love at Broadway Debut (PHOTO)

olsensJust because Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen aren't participating in Fuller House, the Netflix spin-off of their smash sitcom Full House, doesn't mean they don't care about their former TV family. Proof? Ashley Olsen just attended the Broadway debut of her old ersatz dad Bob Saget!


When the twins turned down the opportunity to be in Fuller House, rumors swirled about possible bad blood between the moguls and their once-costars (though, with the amount of money those girls are sitting on, why even bother going back to TV ever again?). But clearly there's nothing but fondness between Olsen and Saget, who seemed thrilled to have his longtime pal at opening night of Hand to God on Friday, November 6. Just check out Bob's Instagram post:

Awww! (Ashley is so tiny!!) And I'm loving her curly hair. Not because I have curly hair or anything, and not because celebs almost never just let their hair be curly and I wish they would because if curly hair were actually in style my life would be a gazillion times easier -- I just love it because she looks great!

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Now the question remains: Where was Mary-Kate? Too busy planning her wedding to Olivier Sarkozy? Or maybe only one Olsen needs to be at any given place at any given time, because they're so telepathically connected that for both of them to experience something it would be completely redundant. Either way, looks like Saget was happy at least one of them showed up!


Image via A. Ariani/Splash News

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