Kris Jenner's Daughters Made Their Mom a Musical Birthday Gift You Have to See to Believe (VIDEO)

kardashiansWe knew the Kardashian/Jenner girls would come up with a typically unique and fabulous birthday gift for mom Kris Jenner's 60th birthday, but we didn't know just how, um, unique it would actually be! The sisters truly outdid themselves this time, recreating a music video Kris made herself for her 30th birthday, and ... wow. Just wow!


See, back in 1985 when she turned 30, Jenner made a very campy, very '80s video in which she sang "I Love My Friends" to the tune of Randy Newman's "I Love L.A." You know, to show her pals how much she appreciated them, and also to have an excuse to drive around singing about clothes and fun while mugging for the camera (basically, to star in her very own Kris Jenner–themed music video). Yes, it's ridiculous, and yes, it's ridiculously fun -- and yes, it's exactly the kind of thing her mischievous daughters would have a field day with. Which is exactly what they did!

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Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie recorded a whole new version of the song, "You Love Your Friends," with updated references (no more talking about "church on Sunday" or "Bible study," you'll notice) and updated cameos from pals: Kanye, Justin Bieber and Scott Disick are just a few of the famous faces you'll spot. But of course the girls saved the most buzzworthy cameo for last: Caitlyn Jenner in a hot tub! Really, you've just got to see this thing to believe it:


Anybody else having flashbacks to Kim's ill-fated single, "Jam"? Um, let's not think about that. Point is, this is just the kind of birthday gift any mom would absolutely love to get from her kids: It's personal, it's thoughtful, it's creative, and it's filled with happy memories and advice on aging from Katy Perry. You done good, KourtneyKimKhloeKendallKylie!! #mombirthdaypresentgoals


Image via Kim Kardashian West/YouTube

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