Kate Middleton Recycles Another Dress Style but This Look Is Very Sexy (PHOTO)

kate middleton prince william We're used to seeing Princess Kate Middleton in blue -- it's quite the royal color. But it seems that Kate is quite keen on another color and fabric, and it's very different than most royal attire. It's black and lace, making Kate's latest recycled style look very sexy.


Now, this is a princess we are talking about -- not a Kardashian and not a Victoria's Secret model. So when I say black lace, it means something very different when talking about the Duchess of Cambridge. Plus, it was an event honoring those who sacrificed all in war -- the Festival of Remembrance in London. The red poppy she is wearing is part of the commemoration.

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kate middleton

Kate was indeed in a black lace Dolce & Gabbana dress, but the way she wore it didn't make it feel over-the-top sexy. It was sexy, because all black lace is in some way, but it was sexy in a way someone like the princess could pull off. Sexy and classy.

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Kate apparently favors this black lace dress look -- though I believe blue may still be her favorite color. She wore a black lace gown last year and also was spotted in a similar-looking black lace dress not too long ago -- though it was confirmed to be a different designer. There were other black lace moments, too, over the years. I think we can all agree that there is something quite fantastic about a black lace dress.

Kate surely thinks so -- it's a look she keeps repeating, and it's making many of us want our own black lace dress, too.


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