Justin Bieber Just Had Another Major Meltdown in Public (VIDEO)

justin bieberHere's something Justin Bieber is not that great at doing: managing his emotions. That's right, in yet another display of behavior better suited to a 3-year-old in desperate need of a nap, Bieber had a public tantrum in Cannes, France, when he flipped over a chair outside his hotel and stormed away. But what set off the Enfant Terrible of Pop™ this time??


Rumor has it that Bieber was annoyed at being filmed by some fans, but Bieber offered a different explanation for his meltdown via Twitter, saying:

"My buddy had just told me some bad personal news. Just took pics with a buncha beliebers. I must of been mad at them. lol" 

LOL!!! That is funny, Biebs, about your friend's bad news and your being mad at a "buncha beliebers." No wonder Justin Bieber is known for his stellar wit! (He's not. Not at all.)

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But hey, the guy has been having a rough few weeks. First a fan spilled water on the stage at a concert in Oslo, Norway, and Bieber was so distraught that he had to cancel the whole show. Then he got super mad at his audience in Spain because they couldn't clap in time. (He also abruptly stopped an interview on Spanish radio.)

So, you know, how much can one petulant man-child take? Apparently not much more, from the looks of this video:

Shhh, shhh, little Justin. Soon it will be nap time and then you'll feel all better. 

It's hard to be a gazillionaire pop star, you guys. SO hard.


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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