Gavin Rossdale Might Have Reason to Be 'Suspicious' About Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton's Relationship

gavinThe fact that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton hooked up so soon after splitting from their respective spouses has been making a lot of people wonder how "new" their romance really is -- and one of those people is a reportedly very "suspicious" Gavin Rossdale, aka Gwen's ex-husband. 


According to TMZ, Gavin felt like something fishy was going on between the Voice costars even before he and Gwen announced their divorce, and he's pretty ticked off because he believes that Gwen is "painting him as a bad guy for cover." He reportedly believes that she's pinning the divorce on his "control freak" tendencies because if he knew the truth about her relationship with Blake he'd "take her to the cleaners."

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So what's the truth? Hard to say. Every divorce story has two sides, after all, and the real story is generally a mix of what he said and what she said. But I don't blame Gavin for being a little skeptical. The timing is a bit suspect, especially considering Blake and his ex Miranda Lambert's seemingly synchronized breakup. Then again, it's completely possible that Blake and Gwen both happened to be having unrelated marital trouble at the same time and found comfort in each other's arms (they do spend a lot of time together). 

Chances are we'll never know the real story here, but let's hope that whatever it is, everybody involved finds a way to move on and be happy.


Image via Bauer-Griffin/ News

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