Gwen Stefani Says Blake Shelton 'Really Helped' Her After Divorce

gwen stefaniThe general consensus regarding the fact that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are a couple is pure happiness -- they are both known as sweethearts in the biz. Others are a bit concerned they are both moving on too quickly since their divorces were just announced this summer. On that matter, Gwen says that Blake really helped her through those tough times. Eyebrows are raising.


You know that saying that you can't really know what's going on in someone's life unless you walked a mile in their shoes? That can be applied here. Everyone is going to have their opinion and thoughts on whether or not it's "right" for Gwen and Blake to be together. But it's no one's place to decide that. If there is happiness, shouldn't we all be happy? I think so. Blake is clearly making Gwen happy -- and she deserves it. So does he.

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While on Dallas radio station KVIL, Gwen called Blake a "pretty rad guy," and she also said that there have been many people who helped her out during "this tragedy." She added, "There's definitely key people that have pointed me into the right direction. Blake really helped me." 

Blake and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce in July. Just a couple of weeks later, the news of Gwen and Gavin's split broke. While some may find this suspect, we should all remind ourselves that many great loves begin as friendships. It is possible for two people to be friends with nothing but friendship happening between them until one day WHAM! Suddenly there are feelings of love. Maybe that's exactly what happened with Gwen and Blake. 

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They have something they can relate to -- the breakups of their marriages. And maybe that helped them find love in each other. Gwen did call her marriage ending a "tragedy," and that is a strong word that really shows her sadness involving it. But Blake was a true friend and helped her. His kindness (coupled with the fact that he is rad) most likely contributed to deeper feelings. And a new couple was born.    

While I find them to be quite an unlikely pairing, it seems to be making more and more sense with each passing day. I hope they continue to really help each other.


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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