20 Reasons Prince Harry Is a Better Catch Than Prince William

Meredith Gordon | Nov 18, 2015 Celebrities

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Every little girl dreams of being swept off her feet by a prince just like Kate Middleton was. And even though Prince William has dreamy good looks and enough charm to fill a castle, he might not be the best catch England has to offer. Yep, that's right: It's quite possible that Meghan Markle has actually snagged herself the ultimate royal man. 

Oh, sure, Prince Harry is probably never going to be king. But that means he gets the perks of the palace without the responsibilities of running the monarchy! At the same time, he's as devoted to philanthrophy and charitable causes as anyone in the royal family, taking after his mother Princess Diana in an incredibly big-hearted way. 

And as if that wasn't enough, Princess Di herself once described Prince Harry as "very artistic and sporty." That certainly seems to be the case to this day, as he continues to enjoy creative endeavors (he recently made headlines for buying Meghan a painting), as well as athletic ones, like playing tennis, cricket, and soccer with British schoolchildren to support the Fit and Fed campaign, an initiative that provides U.K. school children with activity, companionship and nutrition during school holidays.

Bottom-line: If Meghan Markle, a sexy, humanitarian, and successful Hollywood star, fell for Harry, it's obvious he has quite a bit to offer. Here, 20 reasons it's not hard to argue that Prince Charles and Princess Diana's youngest is actually the hottest Windsor.  

  • He Looks Good in Uniform


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    There's nothing hotter than a man in uniform except a prince in uniform.

  • He's Sweet


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    Despite his wild reputation, Harry's got a heart of gold. Swoon.

  • Harry's Supportive!


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    Win or lose, Harry's an enthusiastic fan!

  • You Have a Good Time With Harry


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    While the other royals are stuffy and uptight, Prince Harry is always up for a good time.

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  • He's an Outdoorsman


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    An avid outdoorsman, Harry can handle himself in any situation. He'd be so good on The Amazing Race.

  • Harry Is Well-Traveled


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    You don't really know someone well until you travel with that person. What better way to get to know Harry than to travel with him? He's been everywhere!

  • Harry's Got Fancy Friends


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    As one of the most famous royals in the world, Harry's pretty much friends with anybody and everybody. He probably even knows Oprah. And Bono. 

  • He's a Jock


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    Harry's a total jock, which means he's probably got the bod to prove it.

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  • Harry Can Go Anywhere He Wants


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    What Harry wants he probably gets, like really good concert tickets and a meet and greet with Gaga.

  • Harry's Not Afraid to Show His Softer Side


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    Harry's a pretty macho guy, but that doesn't mean he's afraid to show his softer side. Love that!

  • He's Not Afraid of Anything!


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    He's been to war in Afghanistan and he's gone on safari in Africa. Harry is fearless. 

  • Family Is Important to Harry


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    Prince Harry is famously close to William. How can one not fall for someone who's so obviously family-oriented?

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  • Harry Knows When to Get Serious


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    Harry may be known as the fun prince, but he knows when to get serious.

  • Prince Harry Is a Ladies' Man


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    Though he's happily engaged to Meghan now, the former eligible bachelor's list of ex-girlfriends reads like a list of England's top actresses and models. 

  • Harry Never Misses a Party


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    Harry was famous for being the prince who loves a party. Remember those photos from Vegas? Yup, us too.

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  • He Patronizes Important Causes & Looks Hot Doing So

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    As Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation (fancy title!), Harry and Meghan attended the UK team trials for the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 at the University of Bath Sports Training Village. It's hard not to admit that the prince looked seriously hot in this sporty, casual look.

  • He Looks at Meghan With So Much Love

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  • He's Disarming & Down-to-Earth

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    Like his beloved mother, Prince Harry seems to be a royal of the people.

  • He Wants to Inspire a New Generation of Leaders

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    Prince Harry appeared alongside former President Barack Obama at the first-ever Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, Illinois in November 2017 to talk about "paying back" and listening to the younger generation, because "they are the cure to some of the world's biggest problems." 

  • He's a Team Player

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    The way Prince Harry works so effortlessly alongside his brother Prince William, as well as Kate Middleton, and now Meghan Markle is oh-so-attractive.

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