Jennifer Lawrence & Natalie Dormer Have Totally Awkward Make-Out Moment on the Red Carpet (VIDEO)

jennifer lawrenceYou know that super-awkward social moment when you lean in to kiss somebody hello on the cheek and they lean in to kiss you hello on the cheek and you both turn at the exact same time and WHOOPS, you guys just kissed on the lips? That's what happened to Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer at The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 2 premiere, and it was freaking hilarious.


See, Lawrence and Dormer were both conducting separate interviews on the red carpet. Lawrence finished first, and decided to use her moment of free time to interrupt Dormer's Q&A and give her the standard Hollywood kiss-kiss greeting. Only problem was that Dormer, being sort of distracted by her interview (understandably), wasn't super-prepared (and J.Law was in a rush), so basically the actresses ended up accidentally making out for a second or two. OH MY GOD!

No, seriously, that's what J.Law yelled: "OH MY GOD!" She added, "We just kissed on camera ... and I liked it!" (So cheeky, that J.Law!!)

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Of course Dormer wasn't far behind with a witty quip.

“I’ll get Jennifer Lawrence off my face,” she said, then walked away (ostensibly to do just that). These two!! So stinkin' cute!!

Too bad for Dormer that red lipstick is back in style, eh? This sloppy smooch would have been way less of an issue if J.Law had gone with a nude lip for the evening. But whatevs. Just another opportunity for Jennifer Lawrence to be effortlessly adorable. Check out the video:


Now those were some seriously charming, wayward-kissing red carpet shenanigans. As if we needed more proof that Jennifer Lawrence is everybody's favorite good-time gal! 


Image via Reimschuessel/Splash News

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