Kris Jenner Thinks Kourtney's Rehab Visits With Scott Would Make for Great TV

In what sounds like one of the worst ideas in history, Kris Jenner supposedly wants Kourtney Kardashian's visits to Scott Disick's rehab center filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


As we all know, in the world of reality TV, drama is what sells, and no one understands that better than Kris. For this reason, she's reportedly hounding Kourtney to bring cameras along with her the next time she visits Scott.

Not only would it be super awkward for their three kids -- Mason, Penelope, and Reign -- but it also seems like cameras invading a treatment center would send Scott into panic mode. All of a sudden he would have to be "on" for the show instead of getting the help he has so obviously needed for a really long time. For once, he seems to be doing the right thing -- why screw it up by making it a plot for the show?

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If we were the gambling types, we'd say there's no way Kourtney is going to give in to Kris's wishes and allow the kids' visitation to be filmed for the show. It's imperative for her children that Scott get better, and not even the promise of huge ratings would be enough for her to ignore that.

We're all for delving into the lives of the Kardashians, but we'd feel a whole lot better if Scott was happy, healthy, and acting like a good dad than seeing every step of his road to recovery.


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