Serena Williams Chases Down Phone Thief, Proves She's an Actual Superhero (VIDEO)

Serena Williams proved she's a real-life superhero when she chased down a dude who unwisely tried to nab her phone at a restaurant. She recounted the crazy incident on Facebook, and included a very special message that every girl and woman should read and take to heart.


The tennis player described this match as a "win for the ladies": 

When I got back into the restaurant I received a standing ovation. I was proud. I just showed every man in there I can stand up to bully's [sic] and other men. It was a win for the ladies! 
Just because you are a lady don't be afraid to step up to any challenge and not be a victim but a hero!

Yaaaas! Got that? Good.

Listen, being a hero doesn't always mean engaging in a foot chase with a thief. Serena is uniquely capable of taking care of herself in these situations.

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But what this incident, and Serena's reaction, really reveals is what makes Serena the champion and kind of woman we all admire -- her inner core of iron.

That little voice we all have inside our heads speaks to Serena too, but instead of whispering "Your thighs are soooo fat," Serena's voice says, "You aren't just going to sit there and let some jerk steal your phone, are you? You've got this!"

Ladies could use a little more superhero self-talk. So let's take Serena's lead and give ourselves a little inner pep rally every once in a while.

But even more importantly, Serena's story should be a lightbulb for mothers everywhere to do everything we can to give our daughters an inner voice that says "You've got this, girl" instead of the litany of toxic crap we're constantly unloading on ourselves.

We can't control the world our daughters inhabit, although Serena's doing a pretty good job of shaking things up. But we can control the way our girls see themselves -- powerful and strong and more than capable of being their very own superheroes. Just like Serena.

Check her out in action on security footage of her taking care of the phone thief.

Nice job, girl.


Image via Serena Williams / Facebook

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