Royal Family Wants Kate Middleton to Hush Up, According to New Rumor

The Duchess of Cambridge always looks fantastic and seems like a compassionate and caring person who wants to help others, but the royal family is reportedly not impressed with her public speaking skills. As a result, they've apparently told Kate Middleton they want her to be seen and not heard -- which means fewer public speaking events may be on the horizon for her.


Queen Elizabeth and company have reportedly caught on to the fact that Kate has poor public speaking skills -- something they began noticing after she and William gave their first post-engagement interview in 2011. She is considered a "risk" to the royals because she isn't as polished as William and Harry are when it comes to chatting up the press.

Even though she scores major points for her elegance, beauty, and charm, as well as her ability to come across as open and warm to the public, Kate reportedly makes tons of mistakes when speaking in front of an audience and is maybe just a little too common and approachable for the Queen's liking.

And so, the royals have reportedly put their foot down and made the call to insist that Kate be seen and not heard -- something she may not actually mind, as we hear she has a wicked case of stage fright.

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I believe Queen Elizabeth wields a great deal of power and still calls the shots in her family, but I have a difficult time believing William would allow his wife to be treated like a pawn who can easily be shut down and told to hush up because she isn't the most skilled orator. It's possible the duchess complained to Will about public speaking and has been granted her wish to chat with the media less often, but I don't think it's in their best interest to silence her completely. Her approachable style has helped generate a great deal of positive publicity for the royals -- Kate is a total asset to their family. 

If Kate speaks less in public, my guess is it's because she would rather focus on her charity work and leave the speeches to Will and Harry.


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