Miranda Lambert Picks Up a CMA & Some Very Gwen Stefani–Like Locks (PHOTO)

After winning Female Vocalist of the Year for the sixth straight year at last night's CMA Awards, Miranda Lambert thanked her fans by saying, "Man, I really appreciate it, I needed a bright spot this year, so thank you. I love country music fans."


But winning the award wasn't the only bright spot for Miranda, who was sporting a new edgy hairstyle that will look pretty familiar to those of you who know who her ex-husband is now dating.

I don't know how you feel about Gwen Stefani and Miranda's ex Blake Shelton admitting they are now dating, but they seem like they have a lot of chemistry and are a pretty cute couple. However, I think we can all agree that we were pretty torn up when Blake and Miranda announced they were splitting. To add another element of weirdness to this whole thing -- and even though Miranda does look beautiful with it -- I think a lot of us are reminded of someone when we see her new pink hair. 

I don't wanna do a who wore it better here, considering both women are gorgeous, but I think we can for sure do a who wore it first

Now, now, we all know Gwen doesn't own this particular hair color, but I sort of wish Miranda wouldn't have picked pink, since it's just so Gwen, and since Miranda is her own woman and deserves to have a fresh start.  

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I hope she starts dating some rocker and dyes her hair an even more outrageous color and shoves it all in Blake's face. Or maybe he will see how hot she looks in pink and they will get back together! Or maybe Gwen will go pink again and this whole thing will get even more confusing. Regardless, congrats to Miranda on her win, and I hope she finds love again real soon. 


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