Angelina Jolie Didn't Let Double Mastectomy Stop Her From Doing Nude Scene in 'By the Sea'

angelina jolie brad pittThere were many scenes in the film By the Sea that had Angelina Jolie feeling very unsure -- especially the scene where she was going to be naked in a bathtub. Angie never seemed to have an issue with nudity before, but because of her double mastectomy she became concerned. She was afraid to expose herself like that -- to be really raw for a film -- because of what she went through.


I love that she challenged herself -- that she pushed forward. She did say that she didn't think it was a good idea to be cast opposite her real-life husband, Brad Pitt, for this film. I'm sure many felt that way, too. It is a marital drama, and working together on-screen as well as in real life could prove difficult. Or make the movie a bomb. But she did it ... and it seems to have all paid off and changed her in a way she didn't think possible.

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When we go through something as life-changing as Angie did, there is a lot to overcome. It is emotional, physical, and mental. But she is doing it. Every day, she overcomes a little more. I love how candid she is about being afraid of filming a scene where she is showing herself in such a private way -- showing the world the part of herself that went through surgery to prevent cancer. I love how she isn't afraid to talk about being afraid. Even Angelina Jolie is afraid sometimes. It was brave of her to push forward. It was her way of saying that her health issues weren't going to stop her, that they weren't going to change her course, her drive, her goals, her life.

That is a message so many of us need to hear. It's a story of overcoming not just our health issues, but our fears that come along with it, and our insecurities. It's a story of hope after a double mastectomy.

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Angie also shared that the movie really challenged her and Brad as a couple -- they learned even more about each other, and it brought them even closer together. They argue just like everyone else, but they work through it ... and end up better for it.

This is very brave of her, to admit her doubt. She did it -- she filmed those scenes, they stayed in the film, and she worked through her fears surrounding them. Her candid revelations make her even more relatable, and also will inspire women who have gone through a health scare just like she has. May we all work through that doubt.


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