Prince Harry Is Reportedly in the Middle of a Royal Baby Scandal

prince harryThere are a few things you should never spread as rumors -- the topic of having a love child is one of them. It's simply awful for everyone involved, and at the center of it all is a child. Of course, the royals aren't immune to any of this nonsense, sadly, and so Prince Harry is being blackmailed. A 19-year-old is saying that he is the father of her child.


It is known that Prince Harry, 31, likes to have a good time. Nothing wrong with that at all. But this latest issue is making the Queen a little nervous. It was reported that a young blonde went to the media in the U.K. saying she was carrying the prince's love child. What made matters worse is that this woman also had quite a few photos of her and Harry having some fun together. Nothing X-rated; just a few smiling selfies. This, of course, does not look good.

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Now just because someone takes some selfies with another person, that does not mean things got serious and a baby was made. If that were the case, I'd be pregnant with a lot of people's babies right now. But when you are royal, you have to be careful about these kinds of things.

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If we go by what we know about Harry with his wild hair and lumberjack beard, he doesn't always play by the Queen's rules. And so ... a scandal is born. Chances are high this one has no merit. Though it's making the Queen attempt to calm her wildest grandson's antics a bit.

Oh, Harry ... let's go back to rumors about him and Chelsy or Cressida. I like those much better.


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