Take a Peek Inside Queen Elizabeth's Surprisingly Normal Sitting Room (PHOTO)

A royal sitting room should be filled with furniture from the 15th century and decked out in austere colors and cold marble floors — right? Actually, no, not if you're Queen Elizabeth, whose sitting room at Windsor Castle is a lot more informal and comfy than you might expect.


The 89-year-old monarch invited New Zealand's prime minister John Key to her country estate on the evening of the Rugby World Cup that took place between New Zealand and Australia last weekend. The two sat down for a nice little chat about rugby (seriously, the Queen knows her stuff) in her sitting room, and you'll have to ignore the awesome fact that Queen E can wax poetic about how close the games have been and focus instead on the comfy coziness of her room.

Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you: Queen Elizabeth's room features a TV remote control (it even looks like a bulky, old-fashioned one!), a photo of her mom, sofas you can picture napping on, and — the best part, of course — a gorgeous pup that has certainly climbed on the furniture at some point in his life.

My favorite detail of all: The Queen keeps her purse right by her side during the chat. My grandmother would totally approve.

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It's always sweet to be reminded of the fact that no matter how different they seem from ordinary folk, the Queen and her family crave the comforts of home and value sentimental details like photographs of their loved ones. This is a room most of us could imagine ourselves spending time in — never mind the likelihood that one of her pillows probably costs as much as your typical house. 


Image via Splash News

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