The Spice Girls Then & Now -- You Won't Believe What They're Up To! (PHOTOS)

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The Spice Girls -- Melanie Brown (Mel B), Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, and Geri Halliwell -- took pop music by storm in the 1990s, becoming the most recognizable faces across Britain since the Beatles, epitomizing #girlpower. Rumor has it the group may reunite in 2016 to mark the 20th anniversary of the release of their first smash single, "Wannabe." 

With a London musical based on them, Viva Forever, luring audiences across the pond, and rumors of a reunion tour spreading, it's the perfect time to find out what the girls have been up to. Here's a peek at your fave pop icons then and now.


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  • Melanie Brown (Scary Spice): Then


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    Brown answered an ad for an all girl pop band in The Stage magazine and wowed auditioners with her rendition of "The Greatest Love of All." As a tongue in cheek idea from teenie bopper magazine Top Of The Pops, all the gals got a nickname, and Mel B was dubbed "Scary" for her very "big" personality (and big voice, and big hair). Prior to the band's official split, Brown released her first official single under Virgin Records, "I Want You Back," which topped at number 1 on the UK single charts. 

  • Melanie Brown: Now


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    From the musical stage to the bright lights of Broadway in Rent, Brown continued to prove her acting chops. She also starred in feature films like The Seat Filler, hosted TV shows such as Access Hollywood and Dancing With The Stars, and judged on America's Got Talent. Although the Spice Girls had their last performance as a group in 2012 at the Summer Olympics Games, Mel B reportedly has her fingers crossed for a Spice Girls reunion. We can only hope.

  • Emma Bunton: Baby Spice Then


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    The youngest member of the group, sporting pig tails and exuding a girly personality, Emma Bunton became known as "Baby Spice." When the girls drifted apart in the late 90's to pursue other ventures, Bunton like many of the others, attempted a solo career with her debut album, A Girl Like Me. She found some success on her own, but nothing near the millions of albums sold with the Spice Girls.

  • Emma Bunton: Now


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    Bunton has recently been confirmed as the first celebrity cameo in the upcoming flick, Absolutely Fabulous. The 39-year-old also stays busy with her UNICEF ambassador duties and radio show, and is mom to sons Tate Lee, 4, and Jade Lee, 8 with her longtime fiance, Jade Jones.

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  • Melanie Chisholm: Sporty Spice Then


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    The apple didn't fall far from the tree: Chisholm's mom, Joan, was a singer in a rock band. Tonsillitis almost kept Chisholm from auditioning, but she rallied, probably the best decision she ever made in her life -- the group's single "Wannabe" became the biggest selling single by an all girl group, of all time. While most people assumed the nickname "Sporty" came from Chisholm's ultra athletic persona, it was actually because the Great Gatsby fan would often call those in her company "old sport," driving her friends crazy.

  • Melanie Chisholm: Now


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    Chisholm's first solo album, Northern Star, released in 1999, was certified triple platnium in the UK. Chishom released a couple more albums but really garnered accolades for her theatre performances, even snagging the Best Actress Laurence Oliver Award. Mom to six year old Scarlett Starr, she touts clean living as her secert weapon in her over 40 good looks.

  • Victoria Beckham: Posh Spice Then


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    Victoria Adams knew in 1980 after she watched Fame that she wanted a career in the music industry, but did she ever envision that she would be a part of the best selling female pop group of all time? One name change, Victoria Beckham, one nickname, Posh Spice and one hit single, "Wannabe," later and Adams shot to her very own fame. In 1999 Victoria Adams married David Beckham and officially changed her name to Victoria Beckham. She was dubbed Posh Spice in 1996, by Bristish music magazine Top Of The Pops. The girl from Hertfordshire whose nickname means "the best of everything," lives up to her moniker!  

  • Victoria Beckham: Now


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    Beckham has become well regarded in the design industy with her own fashion line, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with as a business woman, mother to three fashion forward children, Romeo, Cruz and Harper and wife to one of the hottest footballers on the planet, David Beckham. Don't get your hopes up as far as catching Posh in an upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour though, the fashion mogul is far too busy these days with her empire to tour.

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  • Geri Halliwell: Ginger Then


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    Her flaming red mane may be the obvious reason for Halliwell's nickname, but her love for her favorite plant, Zingiber officinale is what really landed her the nickname Ginger. Her sexy outfits, gorgeous red hair and platform heels proved the perfect addition to the pop band. Alas, Halliwell parted ways with the group in May 1998, forcing The Spice Girls to continue their tour without her. She did just fine on her own: a year later, Halliwell's first single after leaving the band, "Look At Me," sold over 1 million copies worldwide. 



  • Geri Halliwell: Now


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    Halliwell's solo endeavours were successful: she garnered the most #1 songs of any British female singer. But the 42 year old, who married Red Bull Formula 1 team principal Christian Horner and has a daughter Bluebell, 9, from her previous relationship with Sacha Gervasi, is now content to stay out of the limelight and embrace her role as mama and wife. She also took her hubby's last name, so if you do catch her at a Spice Girl reunion tour, you can call her Geri Horner.


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