New Statue of Queen Elizabeth Bears Striking Resemblance to Tom Hanks (PHOTO)

With so many people finding their "stranger twins" of late, folks are cracking up over a new Queen Elizabeth statue's resemblance to Tom Hanks. Could this statue actually be Tom's stranger twin?


And, yes, we're talking about that Tom Hanks.

The statue in question is the result of the U.K. and China's Year of Cultural Exchange partnership and was crafted by Chen Dapeng, a sculptor from Shanghai. Supposedly it took him 13 tries to get the statue "right," but the general consensus is that the work of art looks more like the man who played Forrest Gump than Her Royal Highness.

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We have to admit, it does look an awful lot like Tom. While the artist obviously took a lot of time and care to produce the piece, he worked on it in secret, so it's not like he had Queen Elizabeth sitting right in front of him as a model. Perhaps that's why the sculpture went awry.

As we are not ones to bash an artist's vision (and, hey, it's certainly better than anything we could have produced), we feel kind of bad for Chen. Certainly after three months of work and 13 attempts to get the Queen's look just right, he didn't expect this kind of press. He has even offered it as a gift to HRH, but it hasn't been publicly noted whether she has accepted the offer.

We can only imagine the kinds of snickering going on between Prince William and Prince Harry over this. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of Kensington Palace right about now.


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