Pippa & Kate Middleton Might Be in the Midst of a Nasty Feud

As the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton wields quite a bit of power that she can use to her advantage. But she appears to be coming up short where helping her little sister is concerned: Kate and Pippa Middleton are reportedly feuding because she won't use her royal connections to help land Pippa a worthy enough husband.


If you believe the gossip, neither Pippa nor their mom Carole are thrilled with Kate right now because she's leaving her little sis on her own instead of helping her find a job and a suitable mate. Pippa, who is 32, recently broke up with her Swiss banker boyfriend Nico Jackson and has reportedly been contemplating a move to the U.S. because she is having trouble with her party-planning career and with finding a boyfriend who isn't scared off by the paparazzi she deals with on a daily basis.

All of the blame for her woes seems to be settling right on Kate's shoulders — Pippa apparently believes her princess sister is the reason why her party-planning book Celebrate didn't sell well, why she can't find a publisher for her new exercise and diet book, and why no man in England wants to date her (as if that's actually true).

Pippa and Carole reportedly think the solution is for Kate to use her royal status to help clean up the mess she made for Pippa when she married into the royal family. And, so far, Kate isn't following along with their plan.

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I find it difficult to buy into this idea that Pippa is desperate or that she is dependent on Kate to create a professional life and love life for her — especially when she has always proven herself to be an independent go-getter. Neither sister has ever spoken ill of the other, nor do they appear to be anything but supportive of each other at all turns.

Pippa is young, talented, and lovely — she will not have a problem kick-starting a new career, whether in the U.K. or America, nor will she find it a challenge to date a man who is confident enough to deal with media attention. If there's any truth to this rumor at all, I'm guessing it's that Kate believes her sibling doesn't require her help to make it on her own — and that kind of tough love shows she believes in her. 


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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