Prince William's Compassionate Words for a Widowed Mom Will Touch Your Heart

The royal family has spent the last few weeks and months proving they are invested in the health and well-being of others -- and they show no signs of stopping. Prince William proved his compassion when he spoke with a widowed mom of four who wrote to him after her husband was fatally shot.


Gillian Molyneux wrote a letter to the 33-year-old prince after Lt. Cdr. Ian Molyneux, her husband and the father of their four children, was shot dead four years ago. The sad incident took place after a drunken Royal Navy junior sailor named Able Seaman Ryan Donovan went on a rampage on a nuclear submarine at a 2011 remembrance service for submariners. The man began firing a gun in all directions and Molyneux was shot while trying to stop him -- the gunman later admitted killing him and was sentenced to life in prison.

After he received her letter, Prince William wrote Molyneux a response in which he told her that losing his own mother made him understand the pain her children were feeling. Molyneux told People:

He wrote that he could sympathize, because he was the same age as [her son] Jamie when he lost his mother. I think the intention of his letter was to make us understand that we weren't alone – and it did that.

On Sunday, William finally got to meet the mom in person at the Submariners Remembrance Service on Sunday and offered his condolences and sweet words:

Will reportedly told Molyneux to give her four children "big hugs" for him, something the mom called "nice." 

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I'm sure Molyneux's children -- 18-year-old Jamie, who is training to be a submariner; Arron, 16, who is a Royal Marine cadet; Bethany, 10; and Charlie, 7 -- will be over the moon when they learn the royal is asking after them.

Somewhere, Princess Diana is looking down at William (and Harry and Kate Middleton) and smiling because they truly are doing everything they can to carry her torch and keep her legacy of helping others alive.


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