7 Dudes That Kylie Jenner Was Linked to Well Before Tyga (PHOTOS)

Meredith Gordon | Nov 10, 2015 Celebrities

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner may be pretty smitten with her older boyfriend Tyga, but believe it or not, the 25-year-old rap star isn't the first dude to steal Kylie's heart.

In fact, Kylie's list of rumored exes reads like a list of young Hollywood's hottest hunks. You'll be surprised by some of the guys Kylie's been linked to in the past. Take a look.

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  • Cody Simpson


    Image via Mad Max Pepito / Splash News

    Though Kylie and Cody would never publicly confirm their relationship, photos of the teen stars holding hands and kissing have surfaced. So it's pretty tough to deny the two were an item way back when they were even younger than they are now.

  • Jaden Smith


    Image via Sharpshooter Images /Splash News

    The Calabasas natives are said to have been on and off again for about a year, and were even spotted smooching at Kylie's sister Kim's wedding. Her third wedding, that is. The one with Kanye, if you're keeping track.

  • Lil' Twist


    Image via SPW/Splash News

    Shortly after Kylie and Jaden reportedly broke up, she and Justin Bieber's bestie Little Twist were spotted out together. 

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  • Shamari Maurice


    Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News

    Twenty-one-year-old Maurice, pictured here with Hailey Baldwin, is best known as a celebrity plus-one. The former child actor has been the costar of many of Kylie's Instagram photos, causing anyone paying attention to assume the two were hooking up.  

  • Justin Bieber


    Image via Splash News

    Where there's a Jenner, there's Bieber. Kylie and The Biebs were rumored to be hooking up. The rumors reached a fever pitch when Biebs's ex Selena Gomez unfriended Kylie after photos of Bieber and Kylie together were circulating. 

  • Miles Richie


    Image via bobbyscallywags/Instagram

    Kylie tattooed her initials on Miles, who is Lionel Richie's son. Let's hope they were dating, otherwise he's stuck with some seriously unfortunate ink.

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  • Ink Monstarr


    Image via inkmonstarr/Instagram

    Alongside rapper Stitches, Ink Monstarr released the song "Kyga She's a Liar" aimed at Kylie and Tyga. In the song, Ink claims to have hooked up with Kylie. 

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