Ghost Photobombs Ellen Pompeo's Family Picture & It's Chilling (PHOTO)

Ellen Pompeo, 2015 TCAUm, did Ellen Pompeo just prove the existence of ghosts? Or of something even scarier? The Grey's Anatomy star shared a rare family photo taken on Halloween, and if you look closely, it will totally send a shiver up your spine!


Are you ready for this? It's pretty creepy! Look closely...

This is a private family photo that I decided to share because of what appeared in the image...

A photo posted by Ellen Pompeo (@ellenpompeo) on

Do you see what I'm seeing? Is that a freakin' FACE up there toward the left corner? A big, giant, ghoulish face?! WTF? Yikes!

Oh, also? Pompeo -- who is seen here all dressed up for Halloween with her husband, Chris Ivery, and their eldest daughter, Stella Luna -- tweeted that this spooky building behind them is vacant. Just to make the whole thing a little more eerie!

She also swears she didn't doctor the photo at all:

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When I first saw this, I had two thoughts. First, FREAKY! And next: Wait, Ellen Pompeo has kids?! I mean, I think I knew that, but she's so good about keeping her family out of the public eye, I'd totally forgotten! (Now that I think about it, I do recall seeing baby bump shots of her!) Pompeo's actually a mom of two girls; her baby, Sienna, turned 1 in August. How cute is this: In her Instagram profile, this devoted mama describes herself as "Professional assistant to Stella Luna and Sienna May Ivery." Aww!

Well, I don't blame Pompeo for being generally pretty private about her daughters. Even more frightening than the idea of a menacing, otherworldly face appearing in a photo is the idea of the paparazzi let loose on my own child! As for that photo ... I suppose you could argue that it's just a trick of the light. Or is it?


Image via Image Press / Splash News

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