Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Go to a Party & Are Now Basically Married

This is how rumors get started. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani reportedly attended a Halloween party together, so obviously the newly single singers are involved in a secret relationship. Or something.


Shelton, 39, and Stefani, 46,  attended Jared Leto's house party on Friday night, along with the likes of Jessica Alba, Nicky Hilton, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Isla Fisher. Sources told Entertainment Tonight that they left together, and were even spotted holding hands before they spotted a photographer.

Holding hands, you guys. They should get a room. Sheesh. Another source supposedly close to Shelton informed People magazine that "they have been spending a lot of alone time together," but another party attendee said they were just hanging out as friends. "They were hanging with a group of friends. It was not just the two of them alone," that insider revealed.

It makes total sense to me that they'd be spending time together. They've worked closely together on The Voice, and they're both in similar places in life right now. Divorce absolutely sucks, and it's isolating, and sometimes it's nice to have someone to spend time with who just gets it.

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Halloween wasn't the first time rumors have flown about Gwen and Blake, but a source told People in October that the gossip was "bull***t." The source stated, "There's nothing there. They're nothing more than friends."

Stefani even poked fun of it recently, telling Entertainment Tonight, "Have you read the news?"

Look -- they're friends, and friends spend time together. Support one another. And even occasionally hold hands, if in fact that actually happened. I'm sure they've even hugged! But it doesn't mean they're involved in a relationship, or have any romantic chemistry. And if they are ... well, they'll let us know when they want to.


Image via NBC/Contributor/Getty Images

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