Aunt Was Planning an Intervention That Might Have Saved Bobbi Kristina Brown

This is devastating. Whitney Houston's sister Pat Houston revealed that she had been planning an intervention for Bobbi Kristina Brown before the late star was found facedown in her bathtub last January.


Brown was on life support for months until she was finally placed in hospice care over the summer, where she ultimately lost her life. It's unbearably tragic to think that the whole awful ordeal could've been prevented.

Pat told Entertainment Tonight that she'd been making plans to get her goddaughter help, and had even researched rehab facilities in California. "When we really found out that Krissy was in trouble, we were really making plans to do something about it, but it just came too late," she said.

Houston also admitted that the family had been weary of her boyfriend Nick Gordon for some time, and that she had gone so far as filing a restraining order against him after he posted some threatening photos to social media.

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Nick Gordon was in the house the night Bobbi Kristina was found, and has been accused of injecting her with a "toxic mixture" before she was found unconscious. Houston also said that she warned Brown that "external attraction can really cause problems if you're not careful."

It's hard to think that Bobbi Kristina could've been saved, but there's no indication an intervention would have helped her. People suffering from addiction have to want to get help and change themselves, otherwise no amount of forcing them into programs or therapy is going to work.

But we still can't help but wonder if it would have made a difference.


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