Jennifer Lawrence Thinks She's 'Aging Like a President' & Couldn't Care Less

This girl is totally our favorite. Jennifer Lawrence recently opened up about what it's like being so famous, the reason she works so relentlessly, and how she feels like she's aging like a president at just 25. How is it possible for her to talk about being famous, and we like her even more? Maybe Kim Kardashian should take lessons. I'm just saying.


Anyway, the Hunger Games star has appeared in over a dozen movies since exploding onto the scene in 2012, including two stellar franchises (don't forget about X-Men!), and earned an Oscar for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

She said that it's exhausting, but she wouldn't have it any other way. At a press conference for Mockingjay Part 2 over the weekend, the currently blond bombshell revealed that she doesn't like taking time off, and the lack of vacation time is making her age "like a president."

Lawrence said, "I hate waking up without a goal or going to sleep without achieving nothing." And one of those goals is getting people to see her as something other than Katniss Everdeen. While she acknowledged that the iconic role is "the greatest female character ever" (Scarlett O'Hara may disagree, but I digress...), she also said she wants "people to be able to lose themselves when they're watching a movie and not see the same character."

...Even if it means working obsessively to portray a variety of characters. She said that she knew playing Katniss would be "overwhelming," and that she knew her life would never be the same if she signed on.

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She confessed that her entire world changed with fame, and even made her feel isolated. She said, "It took a few years to get used to being looked at differently." She went on to say:

You don't feel different but everyone reacts to you differently. It was a few years of getting used to it. Then it was 'Okay, let's get back to work' and people react and can do whatever they want. That's fine and it's on them. I have a job. That's how I think of it.

That's a pretty healthy attitude to have at any age, let alone just 25. But she should totally take a vacation if she feels like she's burning out. Since we are basically best friends, I'd hate to see her lose whatever it is that makes her so special. She gives us permission to just be our crazy, food-obsessed, foot-in-mouth selves. Don't ever change, Jen.


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