Kim Kardashian Isn't Ashamed to Admit She Sleeps in Her Makeup

We know her family goes to great lengths to maintain their glamorous appearances, but would you believe that Kim Kardashian even sleeps in her makeup?


Typically we're chomping at the bit for beauty advice from Kim and her sisters, but this admission seems kind of ... gross.

Interestingly, Kim says she got the tip to sleep in her cosmetics from makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. She says Charlotte is her idol because she has never let her husband see her without makeup.

(Seriously never?)

While Kim admitted that it's "probably the worst advice," she says it's okay, because the makeup artist has all sorts of creams to perform the necessary hocus pocus to combat any wrongdoings. Still ... ick.

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Although we suppose when you have to be "on" as much as Kim and her crew, it probably is just a lot easier to sleep in your beauty look, since you're just going to have to reapply again the very next morning. It's just all sorts of amazing that she doesn't appear to have intense acne or any major skin issues because of it.

Then again, we always knew Kim was in a league of her own in terms of beauty. Still, we'll keep our makeup remover wipes on our bedside table for lazy evening product removal. After all, what works for the Kardashians doesn't necessarily work for us mere mortals.


Image via Splash News

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