Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Share How Surgery Strengthened Their Bond (VIDEO)

angelina jolie and brad pitt surgeryThis celebrity couple has had some extreme highs and lows in the past year. But Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are confident in how their marriage endured Angie's multiple medical procedures, and Angelina is resolute in how her mom's battle with ovarian cancer influenced her bold choices.


After losing her mom, Marcheline Bertrand, in 2007, to a lengthy battle with the disease, Angelina learned that she carries the BRCA1 gene mutation that greatly increases her risk for both breast and ovarian cancers. Armed with this knowledge, Jolie underwent a double mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgery in 2013 and then had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed earlier this year. 

Appearing on Today, the couple, in a rare interview together, shared how Jolie's mom was never far from the actress's mind during the difficult ordeal.

It's so moving to hear that Bertrand asked her doctor to take care of her daughter and, in essence, protect her from having to face a similar diagnosis. 

Handling these frightening decisions at the same time you're raising six children might seem overwhelming to any couple, but it sounds like the situation only brought the By the Sea stars closer together. 

When Brad says he was there to support his wife all the while admiring her bravery for putting her family ahead of her personal fears, you can see how much he adores her. And when Angie acknowledges that her husband's interest went far beyond the physical, you get a sense of how deep their bond is. 

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It would certainly be easier for the Hollywood A-listers to simply discuss their new film, written and directed by Jolie. But by sharing all they've been through, the couple -- who celebrated their first wedding anniversary in August -- can perhaps inspire other women and their partners to know they're not alone. As Jolie says, women will continue to endure these health issues, but facing them together "can be a beautiful thing."


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