Kate Middleton & Prince William's Meeting With Facebook Has Us All Excited

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are seriously invested when it comes to fighting cyberbullying and improving the lives of young people. As part of their crusade, Kate Middleton and Prince William will meet with Facebook and Twitter bosses so they can help figure out how to protect kids and teens from online harassment.


The royal couple plan to engage in a "constructive dialogue" with several social media companies, including the big two, because they reportedly feel a lot more should be done to prevent young people from becoming victims of online bullying. It's a subject that is super near and dear to their hearts, and both Kate and Will have proven their commitment by attending several conferences and meetings in recent weeks in support of mental health charities.

William even took part in an anti-bullying workshop that was founded in memory of Princess Diana -- you have to imagine that, were Diana still alive, this topic would have been a big one for the altruistic royal, who dedicated her life to causes including Caudwell Children and the Children With Leukaemia organization.

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Understandably, Kate and Wiliam's desire to help the young population of Great Britain seems to have only increased after becoming parents to George and Charlotte. It isn't surprising to learn that they now share the same fears as millions of parents around the world -- and that they want to do everything in their power to try to prevent children from the mental anguish associated with cyberbullying.

If this stat isn't worrisome, I don't know what is: Rates of anxiety and depression in young folks have increased by 70 percent in the past 25 years alone, according to the Mental Health Foundation -- and many teens and tweens are pointing to social media as a cause for their stress.

It's reassuring for young people to know they have a strong ally in Kate and William. I can't wait to hear what they manage to accomplish at their meeting with Facebook and Twitter.


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