Taylor Swift Just Made Every 'Frozen' Fan's Halloween Dreams Come True (VIDEO)

taylor swft, idina menzelIf you happened to be a Frozen fan in the audience at Taylor Swift's Tampa, Florida, concert on Saturday night, then you probably had the best Halloween of your life: Not only did Swift dress up like Olaf the snowman, but she also continued her tradition of bringing celebs out on stage with her by singing a duet with one of Frozen's biggest stars!


Idina Menzel, Broadway veteran and the voice of Elsa, joined Taylor for a rendition of "Let It Go" dressed in a blue sequined gown just like her character wears in the animated film (though both Menzel and Swift changed into sleeker, but still sparkly, outfits halfway through the song). 

Talk about a magical movie moment! Quick, gather any kids (or grown-ups) around who went trick-or-treating as Elsa, Anna, or Olaf last night and show them this clip:

"The cold never bothered me anyway." QUICK CHANGE @idinamenzel

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Looks like a party, right? Clearly Swift was having herself a swingin' time:

Olaf vibes.

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"Frozen totally happened tonight," Swift captioned one of her photos from the evening on Instagram. "And 55,000 people sang 'Let it Go' so loudly, it nearly took my breath away. Good times, @idinamenzel."

Good times @allthoselittlegirlsintheaudiencewhodrovetheirparentsnutssingingletitgononstop, too!

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Really, the whole thing was just too cute. And a huge Halloween treat for Swift's fans. But did you have to put that song back in our heads, Taylor?!


Image via taylorswift/Instagram

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