Heidi Klum's 'Jessica Rabbit' Might Be Her Most Over-the-Top Halloween Costume Yet (PHOTOS)

heidi klumHeidi Klum is the undisputed Queen of Halloween, with her costumes only getting more and more jaw-droppingly elaborate with each passing year (highlights from Halloweens past include a frighteningly authentic old lady and a human body sans skin). But this year? This year the model truly outdid herself by bringing cartoon character Jessica Rabbit to life -- in a process that reportedly took 10 hours to complete.


And luckily for those of us who are curious about the art of makeup and prosthetics -- or just Heidi Klum's crazy-intense dedication to Halloween -- she documented much of her transformation in photos and videos. Here, a few of the most eyebrow-raising moments:

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Well, of course Klum would need some extra junk in that trunk -- Jessica Rabbit's famous derriere dwarfs even those of the Kardashians!

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That's one way to get supersized lips without resorting to injections!

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You know you're going to extremes when you have fake eyelashes AND fake eyelids!

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Of course, the end result was worth all the work -- and then some:

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WOW. It's almost a little creepy, right?? But what an effort. I can't even begin to imagine how Klum is going to top this one, but then, I say that about her costume every year. Oh, and did I mention that Klum also performed Jessica Rabbit's song from Who Framed Roger Rabbit in front of all her party guests? Queen of Halloween, indeed!


Image via Nancy Rivera/Splash News

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