Scott Disick Is Reportedly Taking a Vow of Celibacy

While in rehab, counselors have allegedly suggested Scott Disick remain celibate for a year to help with his sobriety.


Hollywood Life claims this is part of his rehabilitation program, and (wait for it) that Scott is actually on board with their recommendations.

We can't pretend to know anything about the policies of rehab, but this sounds like it's going to be a tough rule for Scott to follow. No dating or sex for the next year? Apparently it's good-bye Lindsay Vrckovnik, the 18-year-old he was jet-setting around with just weeks ago.

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And apparently Kourtney's absence at the rehab center when the kids go for their visit isn't out of hostility. The counselors there recommend she stay back, because there's still too much emotion between the two of them. That makes perfect sense to us. Better to make the changes you need first and then see what you can salvage of your relationship, even if it just means friendship for the kids' sake.

We genuinely hope Scott isn't BS-ing his counselors and is taking their advice to heart. But this appears to be his longest stint in rehab yet so maybe it's working this time. For the sake of his health and his family's, we're pulling for him.


Image via MCCFL/Splash News

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