Kylie Jenner Basically Calls Kim Kardashian Old & Washed Up

There's always bound to be competition between sisters, but Kylie Jenner's app beats Kim Kardashian's -- and Kylie isn't ashamed to admit that she knows why.


You see, Kim Kardashian may have broken the Internet, but Kylie knows what it wants ... and that apparently includes goofing around in her multimillion dollar home and offering up makeup tutorials so fans can look exactly like her.

Kylie explains to Time magazine, who named her one of their 30 most influential teens of 2015, that the reason her app outperforms Kim's is because her older sister's is "'perfect," and way more private, whereas she is an open book.

Kylie also mentions that Kim is "older and has kids," which probably wasn't meant as a dig at Kim, but comes across as Kylie's thinking Kim just isn't as relevant as she used to be. Ouch.

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She wants to give her fans more affordable options on how to copy her many looks, and she even admits she shops for cosmetics at -- gasp -- CVS! In a nutshell, Kylie thinks she's more relatable than Kim is, and that's why her fans flock to the app.

It sounds pretty logical to us. Plus, Kylie's generation is all about getting their information through a really interactive platform, whereas Kim's audience doesn't necessarily need to feel like they're living life right alongside of her.

Keep giving the people what they want, Kylie. It's obviously working for you.


Image via Splash News

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