Are Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Bribing Anna to Stay Married to Josh?

By all estimations, Anna Duggar's life is a bit up in the air right now. She hasn't made a public decision over whether or not to stay married to cheating hubby Josh, and opinions in her circle seem to be split on whether she should stand by her philandering man or make a clean break and file for divorce. But Jim Bob Duggar may have given her a huge incentive to stay -- he reportedly bought Amy a roomy house near the Duggar compound in Arkansas.


Josh is reportedly in a Christian rehab center for long-term treatment for his rumored sex addiction, after he admitted to using the infidelity website Ashley Madison to cheat on Anna.

The mom of four has stayed mum on her intentions for her marriage and whether or not she'll consider a divorce, but a lot of people believe that not only Jim Bob and Michelle, but also her parents, the Kellers, don't see divorce as a valid option. Which is dumb, because even Jesus said divorce is permissible in cases like this, but whatevs.

Anyway, rumor has it that JB laid down $345,000 for a brick house near the Duggars' home and expects Anna to stay with Josh should she choose to live in the home.

Of course, this is all he-said-she-said, so it could be just as likely that they feel guilty for what their son did to Anna, and this could be their way of supporting her and their beloved grandchildren. It's all hard to know at this point, but they did recently attend a marriage conference with their daughter and son-in-law Jessa and Ben Seewald, and those two have been the most outspoken about condemning Josh's bad behavior.

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Whatever reason Jim Bob and Michelle bought the house, we're sure there will be someone eager to move in. Jessa and Ben are expecting their first little one any day now, and I'm sure they would love an upgrade in living situations. 

But mostly we hope that this isn't really a ploy to convince Anna to stay married to Josh if she doesn't want to. Poor woman has enough to deal with without being guilted into making choices that aren't good for her.


Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook

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