Lamar Odom Stuns Doctors With Miraculous Kidney Recovery

One of the most concerning issues with Lamar Odom's health in recent days has a happy ending. It seems the former basketball star is making such a speedy recovery that Odom will no longer need a kidney transplant, as was originally suspected.


It's difficult to believe that, just a few weeks ago, everyone was holding their breath to hear news about Odom's health after Khloe Kardashian's 35-year-old husband was found unconscious at a Las Vegas brothel. Things were not looking good, and granted, he still has hurdles to overcome before he can resume normal activities, but one of his worst fears will not be realized: Lamar's kidneys have reportedly improved so much that he will be taken off daily dialysis in a few hours and he will no longer need a kidney transplant.

Up until now, Lamar was receiving dialysis in a private room in the hospital's ICU, but the last 48 hours have proven crucial for him. His kidneys responded so well to the treatment that even doctors are reportedly shocked at his improvement. Let's keep in mind: This was considered a "life-threatening" issue. The fact that he no longer needs intervention is a miracle.

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All the while, Khloe is right there by his side in the hospital and supporting him throughout this terrible tragedy. He has regained strength to the point where he can make decisions about his own health and even made the call to reportedly block his estranged dad from visiting him. As sad as that is, it's also a sign that he is well enough to exert some control over his life.

Of course, the toughest road still lies ahead for Lamar (and, by association, for Khloe). Doctors can only do so much for him. When his health and body are restored, he's going to have to work on the root problem and cause of his issues — at that point, he'll need all of the support he can get, but at the end of the day, his recovery will be entirely up to him.


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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