Leonardo DiCaprio Just Got Twice as Hot -- Meet His Swedish Doppelgänger (PHOTOS)

You guys. Leonardo DiCaprio got cloned. That's the only reasonable explanation for Konrad Annerud, the 21-year-old Swedish model who is the spitting image of the Inception actor, circa his Romeo and Juliet and Titanic days.


I mean, if Annerud could get an Oscar for being the most convincing doppelgänger we've ever seen, he probably would win. And then Leo would throw his hands in the air, since the five-time nominated actor has never actually taken home an Academy Award. Poor Leo.

Anyway. On to the good stuff -- and by that I mean pictures.

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Doesn't he look like he's about to sweep Claire Danes off her feet and then run to the priest for a vial of poison because he heard she killed herself? I swear, Leo is the only reason I could recite Shakespeare by the time I got to high school.

Here he is a night or two before he boarded the Titanic. The way his slightly-too-long hair flops is perfection ...

Looking just like Leo is something Annerud acknowledges openly. "It can become a bit hard sometimes when people call me Leo instead of my name," he confessed to Swedish website Nyheter. "But it's fun to be like him. He's handsome."

Yes, yes he is. So is Konrad.

Finally ����

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Back in the game @danielbaardh hahah #fakkingselfie

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Konrad said that he's even been tempted to shave his head when things have gotten out of hand with the Leo-mania. He said that in Italy last summer, "People shouted 'Leo!' and wanted to take pictures all the time. It was the craziest thing I ever experienced."

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We'll settle for following his dreamy Instagram account. Because photos like this.

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