Kate Middleton Is More Than Just a Pretty Face When It Comes to Her Charity Work

It would be easy for the Duchess of Cambridge to simply show up at an event dressed to the nines, give a few smiles, and make everyone feel good about the fact that they can say she attended their charity function. But people who have met her say Kate Middleton is knowledgeable about children's health issues and cares deeply about them. She's the real deal.


The 33-year-old mom of two is committed to learning about and helping children and young people with mental health issues, as she recently proved by attending a Chance UK event, where she joined children and their mentors. Chance UK's chief executive Gracia McGrath had glowing things to say about Kate after meeting her. She told People:

This isn't someone smiling and nodding. She is asking intelligent questions and knows what happens when children go off the rails and go off the rails early.

And that's not the only cool endorsement Kate received. Action for Children's Sir Tony Hawkhead told People: "She's interested in mental well-being and giving children confidence and self-belief. She is clearly very interested in how you can help families who are facing some really tough challenges."

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Kate has reportedly been interested in mental health since learning through Place2Be and Action on Addiction the root cause of many illnesses is mental health. Although she doesn't say this, you have to imagine becoming a mom had something to do with her investment in other children — entering parenthood often opens up your heart to the needs of all children in a way you never thought possible.

The duchess is truly using her power and status to make a difference in the lives of those people who don't have a voice. The royal family should be proud of her efforts — she is representing them with class, dignity, intelligence, and warmth. I think we're just beginning to see the charitable Princess Diana–like qualities in Kate shine through.


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