North West Shuts Down the Paparazzi With 4 Adorable Words (VIDEO)

north westCan a toddler just go to dance class in peace? Not if you're the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! North West was caught yelling at the paparazzi recently (just like her dad!) while heading into a ballet class this week. And yes, it's just as adorable as you would think. I'm pretty sure North just became my new hero.


In the video, North is seen in the cutest tutu and peacoat combo you've ever seen, heading into her dance class with a woman (possibly a nanny?). As the girls walk through the parking lot, unsurprisingly, they're swarmed by the paparazzi. "I said no pictures!" North yells to the crowd of people around her. You tell 'em, North!

On the one hand, it's pretty sad that North isn't even 3 and she's aware enough of the paparazzi to say "no pictures!" But on the other, how cute is she?! Hopefully, she made the people shoving a camera in her face feel like crap for essentially assaulting a toddler. (Though clearly they weren't affected enough to stop taking photos.)

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Although she's more well-traveled than most adults, has a loving family, and will never have to want for anything, you've gotta feel bad for little North sometimes. I mean, sheesh, having the paparazzi follow you when you're that small is just plain weird. Glad she got what she was feeling off her chest. 

Also: If you're reading this, North, where did you get that coat?


Image via Splash News

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