Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Pregnant With Twins for the Umpteenth Time

You may have already heard the gossip that Kate Middleton is pregnant again. Well, get your best squeal ready. Rumor now has it that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting twins -- and she's panicking.


Kate and Prince William, who just welcomed Princess Charlotte in early May, reportedly had only just started trying for another baby when they realized the duchess had gotten pregnant right away. A new report claims the royal couple recently discovered they are having twins and that Kate's already three months along. If you're wondering why she didn't show even the slightest hint of a bump at any of the recent events she attended -- in which she wore figure-flattering gowns and cocktail dresses -- there is (of course) an explanation for that miracle: She reportedly hasn't had an appetite and hasn't gained any weight.

While I understand many women have body types that allow them to hide their pregnancies for a lot longer than most others, I have to say I'm skeptical. Most of the time, women show sooner with their second and third pregnancies -- and it's a little difficult to believe Kate could pull off this dress while three months pregnant with twins without showing a single sign of it:

I guess anything is possible, though. Assuming this gossip is true, it is also being reported that Kate is overwhelmed at the thought of caring for four children all under the age of 3. Who can blame her? While she is worried about all of those sleepless nights with newborn twins, a baby girl, and an active toddler, the rest of her family is apparently thrilled by the idea of twins.

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All of these rumors just make me think: poor Kate. Let the woman enjoy her second child before we insist she get back to it and create more kiddies -- and twins, for goodness's sake. If it's true, fantastic. But why not wait until the royal couple actually have something to report before jumping to conclusions?


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